Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mela celebrates the summer solstice!

What an amazing weekend of Mela and festivities!
Thursday night, the summer solstice, we had a wonderful celebration playing with The Cowies and all the songwriting elves of PS 8, who were lending some interpretive dance to our Mela performance on Montague street.

And then, from one Montague to another- Mela took her solo act to Montague, MA for Mutton and Mead Medieval Festival. She sang with the faeries, danced with the gypsies, played and serenaded patrons, knights, wenches and children, in rain, sunshine, woods and in the tavern.
She let the sounds of bagpipes and fiddles infuse her, as well as the transformative smell and spell of the forest.

Now on to more seafaring adventures! Besides working on grant research and lesson planning for Green Theatre Collective, Mela is off on a journey to beaches and oceans of the East Coast, teaching her original music to the cast of The Tempest in the Hamptons, and taking a retreat in Fire Island and Florida, working on writing songs for her summer conceptual project called Bruja Del Mar- Sea Witch.
I must away now, I can no longer tarry...

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