Monday, August 15, 2011


Hello friends! This summer has been truly fantastic, the tour of As You Like It featuring MELA was a huge success. "A nature spirit appears -- Amiens, played alluringly by Melanie Closs, moves in and around singing the gentle, insinuating “Come Hither.” You bet!" - from Let's Talk Off Broadway, a Shelter Island publication.

We have a show on September 14th at good old Pirate-themed Wicked Willy's, and MELA's music will once again be featured in GTC's As You Like It for their brief relaunch on September 17th and 18th at Quail Hill Farm in Long Island.

This fall, besides playing shows, we will be working on our first album. Check for updates and follow our process. Also, check back for a link to our new website, once it's ready. Lot's of new fancy things to look forward to!

Right now it's time to take a break from all the touring, rehearsing and performing. Melanie Closs is heading off to Florida to visit her grandma and spend some time at the beach, and then she's off to Peru for 12 days! She has no idea what kind of adventures, epiphanies, inspiration and spiritual powers await her in the land of the Incas. You'll probably find out in some new songs this fall :)

September events:

September 14th, 9pm
MELA @ Wicked Willies
Bleeker st, NY

September 17th - 18th
As You Like It, featuring music by MELA, relaunch!
Quail Hill Farm
Long Island, NY

Thanks everyone for all your support and enjoy the rest of your summer!