Tuesday, September 4, 2012

End of Summer, start of Autumn

Special thanks to everyone who made it out this summer to Spike Hill on July 24th, and The Waterfront Museum on August 25th. The show at the Waterfront Museum, featuring "Bruja Del Mar", a collection of songs about the water, as well as Angad Singh on guitar and a performance by Laura Dunn, was by far one of the best to date. The boat was rocking us slowly and bringing us together in the cozy comfort of the historic barge in Red Hook. All the friends and new fans who came out that day really brought a special energy in the air, leaving everyone feeling happy and content that Saturday afternoon.

Next up, Mela is working on creating a demo-at-home album of her songs for The Tempest for Green Theatre Collective's summer production. Check back for news of how to purchase, listen, download, and share.

Mela will be playing at the Waterfront Museum again on October 27th, featuring songs set to other's words- such as Shakespeare, Frieda Landau, Mona Canon, and Rilke. And since it's close to Halloween and Samhain, there will be costume wearing and some sort of Dia De Los Muertos inspired performance!
Mela and Angad Singh performing at the Waterfront Museum

View of Fairway, from The Waterfront Museum

The gangway of the barge

View from The Waterfront Museum
Laura Dunn, opening on August 25th