Thursday, October 6, 2011


MELA has gone through some changes, and have some interesting gigs coming up.

For one, we're adding an upright bass sound, by the lovely miss Lisa Dowling. We're creating a more solid sound with just upright bass, percussion, electric guitar, and Melanie's classic piano, guitar, and vocals. (and of course, her new featured love, Matilda the Marimachu.) In addition to the tighter simpler quartet, we'll be experimenting in our live performances with different combinations of duos and trios.

Our first experiment will be:

Wednesday October 12th 7pm
Wicked Willy's $5 cover
with Charlie Rauh- electric guitar
and Melanie Closs- piano, guitar, voice, Marimachu

We have plans to record an album and play small shows.

Look for another show at Wicked Willy's opening for Sea Teeth (blues) in November, and a house party fund raiser for girl's education in India in December. We're hoping to play in Boston at another fund raiser and Philly in the Spring.

Still working on the new website! Check back for updates and a link to the new site soon.

with love and peace and harmony and world folky-ness,

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